DYOR - Smarter, Faster, Better with Terrier!

What is Terrier

Terrier is an innovative set of tools that has been designed to help crypto traders, snipers and early gem hunter in conduct their token research more efficiently and accurately. Our slogan, "DYOR - smarter, faster, better," highlights our commitment to providing investors with the most advanced and comprehensive information possible. Since October 2023, we have been working tirelessly on developing our tools, starting with Telegram bots and on-chain scam alerts, and more recently, we have released our first version of our online interface. Our online interface is built with cutting-edge AI and ML-assisted analytics that offer investors an in-depth token analysis, social media analysis, sniper analysis, holder PNL analysis, and more. These tools provide investors with the most up-to-date and accurate insights into ETH and SOL tokens, enabling them to make informed investment decisions.

Why do users choose Terrier?

We are dedicated to being the market leader in crypto signal bots and on chain analytics, which is why we have dozens of new utilities and analytics in the pipeline. These include a multi-chain, multi-wallet PNL tracker, alpha wallet tracker, best config parameters, airdrop farming, smart contract auditing service, and more. Despite being in our early stages, we have grown organically, driven by our passion for providing investors with the most comprehensive and accurate information possible. We have not engaged in any marketing activities yet. Still, we are confident that the quality of our tools and services will speak for themselves and help us become the go-to tool for investors looking to conduct their research smarter, faster, and better.

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